UDI U842 Predator Drone Review – Best FPV Drone under $125 of 2017

UDI U842 Predator Drone Review – Best Drone under $125

The ultimate flying machine is here for you! The kids drool and the teenagers long for it. The RC quadcopter of the generation with Wi-Fi compatibility, superlative picture quality, long lasting battery life and amazing control features is here for you at an unbelievable price of just $120. This is one of the very affordable Drone with FPV under $130 dollars.

The drone for kids offers unbeatable fun time for kids and adults alike. It is a great pastime when the teenagers are bored of studying or staying at home or from never ending coaching classes. It offers great outdoor activity and is a stress buster.

Important Features:

  1. FPV Real Time HD Transmission
  2. Gravity Induction
  3. HD Camera & Bonus Battery
  4. Capture Pristine Hd Aerial Footage and Photos
  5. 720p Hd / 30 Fps
  6. 2pcs Lipo Batteries to Double Your Flying Time
  7. Headless Mode
  8. The Headless Mode
  9. Low Voltage Alarm
  10. 360° Flips Function

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UDI U842 Drone review - best FPV hd camera drone under $130 dollars

UDI U842 Drone review – best FPV hd camera drone under $130 dollars

It makes an amazing gift item for kids over 14 years of age. It provides almost 10 minutes of flying time at great altitudes and comes with 2 extra batteries for twice as long fun time. The camera quality of the RC drone is unrivalled. The videos are never shaky or blurry due to the 6 axis Gyro system which provides amazing steadiness and control of the helicopter. The 30 meter video making range is superb whereas the transmitter range is more than double of it. The manufacturers have also included 4 GB memory card for recording HD videos on the go without having to worry about running out of disc space. The FPV Wi-Fi feature streams pristine real time videos on your smartphone; be it iPhone, android or windows device.

The light weight makes it not just easy to fly and carry but also there is no need of prior approvals/ registration for flying it in any country or town. You can enjoy flying in the airs with your kids on picnics and parties. Your kids would be amazed by the tricks and spins of this ultimate camera quadcopter. The 4 way flips, rolls and flips are its specialty. The headless flying mode feature on the drone makes flying all the more fun and easy for amateur pilots. You do not have to worry about the direction of the drone and be high on entertainment.

It includes:

  • U842 WiFi FPV Quadcopter with Camera
  • 2.4GHz Controller
  • 1000mAh LiPo Batteries
  • USB Battery Charger
  • 4GB Micro-SD Card
  • Spare Propellers
  • User Manual

There are many other useful features which make this a must buy quadcopter for your kids. The low voltage alarm keeps the drone safe from being lost of stopping while flying in mid-airs. You can use the one button for calling back the quadcopter before it runs out of battery. Gone are the days of losing your precious toy. Also, the manufacturers have included extra safety gear which makes the best toy for kids even sturdier. Extra propellers included in the kit provide a new life and edgy looks to the RC drone.

For any issues you can always seek help from the graphical and easy to read user manual, included in the kit. From start to any troubleshooting options, it has got everything covered. Happy piloting!


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