Best Mini Drones Under $50 dollars of 2017 – Mini Drones Review

Best Mini Drones Under $50 dollars of 2017

Drones are the booming kids’ electronic gadgets and are gaining popularity all over the world. These are top 5 best Mini Drones available in the market. The new and improved versions of these aircrafts are simply amazing. One wouldn’t believe what features are added these days to these remote controlled toys. These drones have not just become more efficient and safe but also more sleek, stylish and equipped.

These little head turners have not just been toys anymore but also have become a great stress release activity for the parents and young. They offer great fun and have proven to be an amazing picnic or birthday activity. Here we present to you the best mini drones under $50 for your little gems.

 1) Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC drone

You would not believe what a mini quadcopter can do unless you see this masterpiece by Holy Stone. The wind resistant remote controlled toy can fly seamlessly even from a distance of 50 meters. This stunt machine can do flips, flops, turns, tilts and what not. The effortless gyro system doesn’t let the fly be bumpy but creamy smooth and easy.

HS170 Predator Review - Mini RC Drone Under $50 dollars

HS170 Predator Review – Mini RC Drone Under $50 dollars

The quick charging time of just an hour gives it full charge which provides more than 6 minutes of continuous flight. The headless feature allows making the flying experience easier for your budding little pilot. The amazing LED lights give it a not-to-miss glow which also makes it fun to fly at night. You can gift this mini Drones to your growing teenager as a Christmas or birthday present and it can be a great competitive activity among his/ her friends.

It also offers great fun outdoor activity among siblings, parents & children on picnics, camping etc. The mini Drone with remote control can be yours at the click of a button at an economical price of $40 only.

Important Features:

1. Headless Flight System
2. Low-interference 2.4GHz technology
3. 6-Axis gyro stabilization system
4. Wind-resistant
5. Control range: 30-50 Meters
6. Flying time: 6-8 minutes
7. Charging time: 60-80 minutes (under current input 0.5A-1A)

2) Rabing Mini drones –  foldable rc drone With Camera Under $50

This white crystal beauty with a dash of hot orange makes this remote control mini Drones a fantastic toy for the kids of all ages. The best feature of this RC quadcopter is that it can be folded and kept in pocket at all times. Its propellers are swift and cut through wind like wings and make it reach remarkable altitudes.

Rabing Mini Foldable RC Drone under $50 dollars

Rabing Mini Foldable RC Drone under $50 dollars – cheapest FPV drone with HD camera

You can experience the joy of flying in the air like a pilot with your little son/ daughter. Not just that, it can capture once-in-a-lifetime moments from perfect angles with sheer pristine clarity. Now, you can take group shots, formation pictures, landscape portraits and much more from this remote controlled kid’s utility toy. The remote control comes with a safe phone holder for unadulterated fun so that you do not have to worry about your expensive phone while having the time of your life with your precious ones. It connects with all android and IOS devices so you do not have to worry about synchronization with your smart phone.

This Mini Drone can fly up to 100 meters away with flawless ease and comfort. It can provide even more fun with a virtual reality headset (not included) and you can fly this fantastic flying machine in war zones, beaches, mountains and where not. You can experience the endless joy at a budget rate of just $50. Grab a piece before stock ends!

  • A foldable four-axis drone
  • With Camera
  • Real Time Monitoring – FPV
  • Real-time image/video transmission
  • The 2.4GHz Remote control frequency
  • Download our APP and link it to the M1wifi then you will control the drone by phone, support Android IOS Google

3) TOZO Q2020 Mini Drone Trainer Drone  (Perfect for Drone Training)

Mini Drone Trainer Drone - Best beginner drone for cheap price -  MINI DRONES

Mini Drone Trainer Drone – Best beginner drone

The black and white dragon quadcopter with RC is an eye opener in the genre of kid’s toys. This mini copter for kids is not just easy on pocket but also displays striking features and beauty. The arresting black propellers with a dash of white are head turners. It cannot just do stunts like 360 degree flips and turns but can also hold altitude.

The headless function makes flying a cake-walk for everyone. In this function, the joystick determines the direction of the mini quadcopter. It can be a great outdoor activity for kids and give them good walk while having fun at the same time. The LED lights offer amazing night flying experience. It has a range of around 50 meters and a flight time of around 7 minutes. The charging time is also very short, it doesn’t take 2 hours like other copters but charges to full in just 60 minutes.

It is one of the best quadcopters for amateurs and beginners to train with. Its remote contains a display screen displaying battery power, signal strength, speed and other vital details for a perfect flight. You can own this incredible remote controlled copter at an unbelievable price of $40.

4) Syma X5C-1 Drone With Camera

Syma X5C-1 Explorers 2.4Ghz 4CH 6-Axis Gyro

Syma X5C-1 Explorers 2.4Ghz 4CH 6-Axis Gyro

This sleek and shiny ivory white remote controlled quadcopter is a not-to-miss kid’s toy. It is a great playing device for your growing teenagers and makes a great bonding exercise among siblings and kids & parents. It will amaze you with its quick and perfect 4 way flips and turns. The 360 degree rolls make a wondrous sight.

You cannot just do that, but also click rich and vibrant pictures from wide angles. Group selfies just got improved! Your little pilot would love the UFO like device hovering in the clear black night sky. Its modular design is wind resistant and makes the flight easy and smooth providing an unparalleled experience.

It just takes 100 minutes to charge and offers a seamless 7 minute flight in the clear blue skies. The quadcopter comes with a USB charging point and charging cable. The user manual makes it a child’s play to troubleshoot any problem. The protective guard on the propellers elongates its life making it a perfect gift for adolescents and teenagers. The package also includes a micro SD memory card for saving innumerable pictures and a card reader as well. You can buy this sweet little quadcopter for your little angel for perfect training at just $45.

One should always keep in mind that these toys are great tech gadgets but should always be used in the presence of adults. The parents should not give them to their kids before they turn 14, for their own benefit. You can enjoy great adventure with your precious ones by gifting them the ultimate remote controlled toy at economical prices. Go grab your favorite NOW! Happy flying!!

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