Holy stone X400C Drone with camera review of 2017

Best Holy stone X400C drone with camera review

If you are a beginner in drones and wants a perfect drone but does not want to spend a lot of money, then you are in the right place. I am going to review one of the top selling drones in the market which is Holy Stone X400C. This is one of the best drone with camera for very affordable price with most of the advanced features and you can get it for under $110 dollars with huge discount.

This specific drone has many advanced features such as headless mode and wiifi Live camera.Headless mode is an excellent feature for beginners which allows them to control the drone more efficiently and carefully. It also supports FVP real time transmission where you can see from the drone camera to your phone (iphone or android) in real time using WiFI connection. You don’t need extra WiFI connection as the drone creates a connection on it’s own and it can be viewable in the smartphone/tab. This is a very cool feature.

Now let’s go through the other important features of this quad-copter.

Important features:

  1. Anti-Interference 2.4g Technology – Even many similar drones flying won’t interfere the signal
  2. It has D Rolls, One-Key Roll, Throttle Limit etc
  3. Best design for more stable and powerful performance
  4. It has headless mode and one key return function
  5. Easy to assemble, handle and maintain for a long term
  6.  Newest 6-Axis Gyro Control System,
  7. Battery Can Support 8.5 Minutes Steady Flight
  8. Support FPV Real-Time Transmission for IOS or Android System
  9. Take aerial photos with high definition camera
  10. Parts and batteries aren’t to hard to find and replace

Holy Stone F400C Quadcopte with discount!

live camera return mode Holy Stone X400C best done review under 100 dollars

Holy Stone X400C best drone with camera review

As you can see this is one of the very affordable drone for beginners/intermediate level user. This drone is good as an entertainment drone for kids and hobby drone for hobbyist of any age. With this drone you will get transmitter, USB charger, goggles and 4 extra blades. You will also get a manual so that you can set this drone without any hassle.

Another important feature of this drone is that auto return feature helps the drone to get back with the single press of the button. The quad just comes back in linear path and looks for the remote control.This is an exceptional feature for a $100 dollar drone and very good. In case if you lose the sight of the drone, you just have to press a single button to get the drone back to you.

Other than that this drone can take decent videos and capture pictures using the HD camera. Safe control is around 30 – 50 meters and it is a good range for a drone. The drone is very lightweight and weighs less than 250g so that it can fly without hassle.

As you can see this is one of the best drone with camera for any purposes. This drone got excellent reviews and 5 star ratings from the customers. You can give this as a summer gift or a Christmas give for loved ones. This is one of the go to drones with camera and excellent features to try on. I hope this review helped you to get the best drone.


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