Best drones with live camera of 2018 – FPV wifi camera live video

Best drones with live camera – FPV drones

First person view (FPV) is a highly advanced feature that was used by many specialized tech companies and military in drone for many purposes. It means, that when the drone is up in the sky, you can view the earth from sky through your device which you have in your hand. Usually drones comes with camera and a recording device to record videos and take pictures so that you can see from down. But with the FVP you will get the real time viewing from the earth and take pictures. Here let’s discuss about first person view available drones, which are drones with live camera.

FPV built in drones were available only for businesses, but then with the DJI’s phantom drones, the technology caught up with all the drones. Phantom drones are still the best commercial drones you can buy they are expensive for a casual use. But recently this technology is adopted by many small drone makers. Now you can get a decent FPV drone available in the market as low as $100 dollars.

This is an amazing, fun and very useful feature to have in a drone. Specially if you are into ariel photography, then FPV drones are the best. You can see what is you are recording and pictures you are taking from the land while the drone is up in the air. If you have to see a top of the building or see some different things from the sky in real time, then this is a best feature to have in a drone. Now let’s go through some of the best drones with live camera.

1) Holy stone F181 RC drone (highly recommended) 

X400C of the very affordable drones available in the market which has FPV. This holy stone is $100 dollar drone  with HD camera, headless mode and sleek design. This is one of the top selling drones in the market with all the advanced features and affordable price.Best for beginner to intermediate drone from kids to adults. With the use of FPV, you can take pictures and record videos real time.

You can have the app downloaded to the smartphone or tab and view live from the ground. The app works with Both android and iOS devices. If you want to real a full review Holy Stone x400c, please check this link: Full reveiw of holy stone X400C

Holy Stone f181 best drone best done review under 100 dollars

Holy Stone f181 best drone

Important features:

  1. Supports FPV Real-Time Transmission for IOS or Android System
  2. 3D Rolls, One-Key Roll and Throttle Limit
  3. Headless Mode and One Key Return
  4. Newest 6-Axis Gyro Control System
  5. Easy to handle and best for all age group
  6. 3D flips function, 2.4G radio control transmitter
  7. Full Charged Baterry Can Support 8.5 Minutes Steady Flight

2) UDI U818A quadcopter drone

This is another well made drone from DBPOWER which is one of the best drone makers. This is a very affordable drone which is under $100 bucks with free shipping. With many advanced features such as FVP, low voltage alarm and gravity induction. Live streaming makes the drone the best for a very affordable price. Now let’s focus on the important points of this drone.

Drone with FPV live streaming from iOS android devices - wifi live view

Drone with FPV live streaming

Important points:

  1. HD WiFi Camer
  2. Gravity Induction
  3. Bonus Battery
  4. Each battery lasts 6-9 minutes per flight
  5. Headless Mode
  6. It has headless mode, low voltage alarm and 360° flips function
  7. FPV works with Android and iOS devices
  8. 2.4GHz 4CH 6 Axis Gyro

3) Holy Stone X300C drone quadcopter

This is another product by holy stone. This is X300c Drone which has FPV and other advanced features. This drone just like the X400C has the FPV. Very affordable drone with excellent reviews. It has gotten very good reviews from customers who actually bought this drone. Now let’s see important points of this drone.

holy stone x300c FPV live video streaming drone

holy stone x300c FPV

Important features:

  1. FPV Real Time Video, FPV and Record Video/ Photo to your iphone or Android phone.
  2. Headless Mode and A Key Back
  3. 3D filps and Throttle limit button
  4. Free Switching between Right Hand Throttle and Left Hand Throttle
  5. Control Distance: 50-100 meters
  6. Charge Time: About 1.2 Hours
  7. Flight Time: About 10 minutes


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