Best drones to give as gifts for Christmas and holidays

Best drones to give as gifts for Christmas and holidays

Are you a person who is “cool” because of the amazing gifts you give for special events? Well, we are here to make sure it stays the same. Here we are going to list the best drones which you can give as gifts for your loved ones. Drones are fun toys to play with. Now drones has become a lot cheap that you can buy a drone with a camera under $50 dollars. Even for kids, teenagers or even for adults drones are amazing to play with. In this post, let’s go through some awesome drones which you can purchase to give as gifts.

Tips for buying drones as gifts:

  1. Make sure how much your budget it. Because you can get a drone as low as $50  to $1000s of dollars.
  2. If you are buying for kids, then do not go for expensive ones.
  3. Always check the drone if it flies before gifting it. (some may come as defective, issues)
  4. I recommended getting a drone with camera (more fun and it won’t cost much!!)

These are the main facts to consider before buying a drone as a preset. With holiday season, Christmas coming ahead, this is the right time foe you to get a drone. Now let’s go through the drones price vice. I am only listing the top selling and best drones you can get in the market.

Best Drones

First let’s go through the best picks out of all the drones available in the marker. These below mentioned drones are equipped with advanced features and best quality. These “best picks” are around $100 dollars but absolutely worth the money to give your loved ones as gifts and they will enjoy them. Now lets see the list.

1) Holy Stone F181 RC quadcopter drone (highly recommend) 

If you are looking for the best drone to give as gift, then this is the drone for you. This is one of the 5 star rated drone in the market with all the new feature including HD camera, 1 key return, headless mode and more.  Now lets see the important features of this $100 dollar drone. If you are from UK check this link for the best gifting drone (uk).

  1. Equiped With one Key Return
  2. Headless mode to prevent the drone from missing
  3. A Key 360° 4-Ways Flip(left,right,forward,backward)
  4. Continuous Roll For Perfect Action And Wonderful Performance
  5. Come With Two Batteries(BONUS BATTERY)
  6. Range: About 50-100 Meters.
  7. Battery Run Time: About 7-9 Minutes.
  8. Charging Time: : About 80 Minutes
best gift present holy stone rc quadcopter drone 2018 - best drone review

best gift present holy stone rc quadcopter drone 2018 – best drone review

Drones under $50 with camera

Well, don’t be surprised when i tell you can buy a drone for less than $50 bucks. Additionally it is not only a drone, but a drone with HD camera. Yes, you can buy a drone with a camera for less than $50 and this would make an awesome gift for your loved ones. Here i am going to list couple of “BEST” drones which you can buy get for amazing deals. Not only the features in this drone, but also the rating and review from the people who used it are excellent.

Syma X5C Explorers 2.4G 4CH 6-Axis with HD camera (Recommended)

This is the drone which i am recommending for the price under 50 dollars. This is definitely the best drone out there in the market with all the important features you can have in a drone. Not only this is best hardware wise, but also it looks good and a fun toy to play with. Let’s go through main features. One of the top selling drone with excellent reviews.

Best under $50 Syma X5C Explorers drone with camera for gifting and fun toy

Syma X5C Explorers drone with camera

Main features: 

  1. Built-in 6-axis gyro quad-rotor
  2. Stronger wind resistance and easier to control
  3. 360-degree Flip (cool huh!)
  4. Propeller blades are protected by high quality plastic blade frames
  5. Built-in HD camera ( can record videos / Take pictures : free 2 GB SD card )
  6. Wind resistant and can be flown indoors or outdoors
  7. 6-axis Gyro stabilization system ensures maximum stability during flight
  8. 7 Minute flight time and 100 minute charge time.

Well this drone is strong, looks nice, with HD camera and easy to control. This is all you need in a perfect drone. Even you can take Ariel selfies with your family during holiday season. This is the best to go drone for you to buy for affordable price.

Other recommendations for under $50

  1. AKASO X5C 4CH 2.4GHz 6-Axis – This is also one of the top selling drone under $50 with free shipping. It also comes with camera, 360 flip, 100 minutes charging time and 4 channel 6 axis stabilization. This is also one of the best sellers and from a very well known drone maker Akaso.
  2. UDI U818A Drone – This drone has the same features as the ones above. This is also equipped with a camera and one of the top selling drone. But the design is different from the other 2 drones.

Drones under $100 dollars

Well we are seen some excellent drones under $50, now lets see some of the best drones in the market under $100 dollars. There are many drones for that price category but let’s see some of the best drones which you can purchase for that price. All the below mentioned drones are with camera so that you can have a fun time with one of these drones. Let’s go through the best of them.

UDI U818A – 1 Discovery drone with camera (Recommended) 

This is the best drone available in the market under $100. This is the updated version of UDI U818A drone. After some customer reviews the software and hardware are updated to enhance the performance. You will get lot of free items for this drone including an extra battery which is an added advantage. Now let’s go through some of the notable features of this drone.

UDI-U818A 1-Discovery drone under $100 dollars with HD camera

UDI-U818A 1-Discovery drone under $100 dollars with HD camera

Main features:

  1. Long-life battery can be swapped or charged in-place with USB power Video & photo camera
  2. Forward-facing camera takes HD video and HD photos
  3. Movie resolution has been upgraded to 1280 * 720 (30 fps)
  4. Removable Micro-SD (TF) card stores enough for several flights
  5. Data port and USB Data Cable
  6. LCD screen displays full flight status
  7. 2 Joysticks move copter in any direction
  8. Photo Button snaps pictures, Video Button starts & stops video recording
  9. Roll Button for instant 360˚ roll
  10. 4-Channel, 2.4GHz transmitter
  11. 6-Axis Gyro -3 gyroscopes and 3 accelerator
  12. Battery lasts 6-9 minutes per flight

As you can see this drone has amazing features and better control than other drones of similar price. You can get this with free shipping too. Absolutely best beginner / Mid level drone for fun time.

Other recommendations under $100

  1. Holy Stone® RC Quadcopter Drone – This quadcopter can be get for $90 and it comes with camera. It has  360° 4-Ways Flip, comes with bonus battery and an average flight time of 7 – 9 minutes.
  2. Ionic 2.4Ghz 6-Axis – This quad copter is the same as the previous ones. Very decent price and nice toy to play around for entertainment.

More Drones:

Well, lets go through some of the excellent collection of drones which are bit more expensive than previously mentioned ones. one of the best example of high end drone maker is DJI phantom. DBPOWER, Iconic are some other examples of high end drone makers.

1DBPOWER Hawkeye-II FPV Wifi G-sensor

This is one of the cheapest drone with return home function. It has some advanced features. FPV allow you to see what the drone sees, monitor mealtime video with your Phone directly; Flies in the dark with 4 LED night lights. Surprisingly this drone is available for $105 with free shipping which is a great deal.

2Ionic Stratus Drone Quadcopter

This specific drone is made to carry a GoPro camera. This drone does not come with a camera, but if you have a GoPro, then this drone would be a great choice for you. You can take excellent quality pictures with GoPro. Ionic Stratus Drone Quadcopter for GoPro with 6-axis gyro system, one-key return, headless mode, shock absorption cradle head (Silver)(Compatible with Hero4)


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