Best drone brands to buy drones – commercial drones under $150

Best drone brands to buy drones 2018

Drones are becoming essential part of our day to-day life. if you are wondering what are the best drone companies to buy drone or which drone should you buy, then you are in the right place. Here let’s review about the best drone companies in the commercial drone business and what are the top recommended drones.

HolyStone HS110W FPV Drone with camera, live view and modern function under $100 - best for gift/present for christmas

HolyStone HS110W FPV Drone with camera, live view and modern function under $100 – best for gift/present for christmas

GoPro, amazon, google drones are some of the most famous drones you might have heard of. They make very expensive and versatile drones. The drones made by big companies are excellent as delivery drones (amazon), business purpose drones and technical research drones. But here let’s focus on the drones which are made by medium level companies which are best for a home use.

it is amazing how much the drone industry changed in the past couple of years, to be more accuracy in the past few years. The features you could only get in a $1000 dollar drone can be found in a $100 dollar drone. They quality of the flying drones increased and the features are also getting expanded day by day. You can buy a well made drone for less than $100 dollars. There are hundreds of companies which manufacture drones. Now let’s go through some of the top commercial Companies which produce drones which suits everyone.

1) Holy Stone drones (highly recommended) 

Holy Stone is one of the top and trending brands in drones. They make absolutely affordable drones with every features you could see in a $1000 worth drone. Drones comes with Camera with other functions such as First person view ( FPV), gravity induction, 360 flip, quality control and external accessories.

Some of the notable drones from Holy stone are Holy Stone HS110W and Holy Stonx400cThese drones are some execllent made drones from this suprb company. Not only drones, but whenever you are looking for extra accessories or parts to repair, they have it for you. Most of the drones of theirs can be purchased with free shopping around USA. make sure to check out the best holy stone drone under $100 bucks with discounts.

2) DJI Phantom drones

Everyone must have heard about DJI drones. DJI is a well known company which produces upper scale consumer drones. If you have any budget to spend on (over $1000) and extremely enthusiast about drones. then go for one of the DJI drones.

DJI drones’s special feature is excellent camera. Some of the DJI drones comes with 4k camera which is exceptional. You can also fit in a gopro camera in their drones and capture stunning pictures and cideos. However for an average user, DJI drones are not highly recommended. Holy stone drones are perfect for an average user. They have all the other features as the DJI drones.

3) SYMA drones

SYMA is another well known and casual consumer comapny which produces amazingly cheap drones. With all the important features you can grab a drone for less than $50 dollars. This is a well known comapny with many models of drones and one of the exceptional drone makers.

4) Potensic Drones

This is another well known drone company which product modern consumer drones. They are dedicated company and their quality is well. Their drones range from $200 to $40 dollars in the market. They variety is less than Holy Stone, but they do product steady drones.


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